Tax Preparation

Let’s face it: tax preparation can be very confusing and difficult. With a plethora of caveats to look out for, tax deductions to verify, and bookkeeping to go over, tax preparation can be a huge feat, whether you own a business or are just doing your individual income taxes.

When you file your own taxes, you might get caught up with a few places where you aren’t sure if the information is correct. If you send in the wrong tax information, the IRS could come back to you with penalties or even an audit, which can be expensive. To avoid all those problems, have your taxes filed with Padgett Business Services!

Complete Tax Preparation for Individuals and Businesses

Confident leaderWhen we say we will file your taxes, we mean the whole gambit. We’ll make sure to alert you of possible tax deductions you’re eligible for and triple check our accuracy at every step of the way. While working with Padgett Business Services on your taxes, we:

  • File your tax documents electronically for quicker results
  • Recommend payroll withholding adjustments as necessary
  • Work with your bookkeeping strategies, even if you haven’t been keeping track
  • Suggest possible tax deductions for the upcoming tax year
  • If you work with the professional tax preparers at Padgett Business Services, you can’t go wrong! You can sleep well at night knowing that your taxes are being taken care of on time and with the utmost level of accuracy.
  • Avoid Making Common Mistakes on Taxes with a Professional Tax Preparer


There are so many opportunities to make mistakes when you are not well-educated on the current tax laws and available deductions. Many business owners and individuals are missing significant tax benefits because they are unaware of the current deductions and credits they may be eligible for.

To ensure that you’re saving the most money possible on this year’s taxes, call Padgett Business Services at (801) 217-3638!