Individual Income Tax Preparation

The average North American doesn’t have all the tax knowledge necessary to get the most out of filing their own taxes. When individuals file taxes themselves, they run the risk of missing critical deductions and tax credits that would have benefitted them once they received their refunds. To maximize your tax return, file your income taxes with Padgett Business Services.

Tax laws are only becoming more complicated, and the average person struggles to even complete the simplest of tax forms. Avoid confusing yourself, let a professional tax preparer help you.

Padgett Business Services Provides Thoroughly Checked Tax Preparation

Because the tax preparation experts at Padgett Business Services are trained to promote high levels of accuracy with each and every one of our clients, you can rest assured that your tax documents will be prepared correctly when you file with us.

kalkulation am rechnerThe tax preparation services we offer include:

  • Identifying potential problems
  • Checking over the documents by hand and with computer software
  • Filing your return electronically to get your refund back sooner
  • Recommending payroll adjustments to your withholding
  • Making you aware of potential deductions for the following years

If you’re interested in capitalizing on the tax preparation services we offer, meet with our consultants today!

We Specialize in Personal, Small Business, and Corporate Tax Preparation

Whether you only need services regarding income tax preparation or have ties with a company and their tax information, we can sort out everything for you in a way that makes sense. Even if you haven’t been diligently keeping track of your finances, we have the tools available to help you.

To schedule an appointment with one of our income tax preparers, call Padgett Business Services at (801) 217-3638 now!